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Approved Electronic-CigarettesBlu is packaged to the nines, and it’s a very good presentation for a product that retails for a much cheaper price than most electronic cigarettes.  If you look around, you won’t find many brands of electronic cigarettes than Blu for just $59.99, you get the whole Blu electronic cigarette starter kit.  For that low investment to break into the world of e-cigs, you get 1 pack that holds 5 cartridges and charges your batteries on the go, 2 electronic cigarette batteries, 1 atomizer, 1 wall charger, 1 USB charger, a variety pack of 25 cartridges in the strength of your choice, a 30-day money back guarantee and a one year warranty.  Blu has AMAZING flavors: just take a look at the flavors of this e-cig and you’re sure to be blown away by the innovation:  Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Vivid Vanilla andCherry Crush. Personally, I prefer the taste and after-smoke effect of the Blu E-Cigarettes over most other lines of e-cigs.  Several of my friends that don’t really smoke regularly enjoyed the taste of the Java Jolt cartridge.  I can say from first-hand experience that the classic tobacco flavor is very on par with that of a traditional. The atomizer can take a few hits to warm up until you a get a good "throat hit" making it almost a let down. However, after a minute or so, the Blu electronic cigarette produces enough vapor to be comparable to a traditional cigarette. In fact, it can produce enough vapor to almost make a die-hard traditional cigarette smoker cough.


16mg – 0mg

  • Classic Tobacco
  • Magnificent Menthol
  • Java Jolt
  • Vivid Vanilla
  • Cherry Crush
  • Batteries
  • Flavor Cartridges
  • Exclusive Pack
  • Atomizer
  • Chargers
  • 30 Day Money Back
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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Approved Electronic-Cigarettes