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Approved Electronic-CigarettesGreen Smoke™ offers a quality Electronic cigarette with disposable cartridges. Our E-cigarettes produce the highest smoke volume in the industry. With a variety of flavors and nicotine levels, Green Smoke's™ patented electric cigarette technology offers convenience and performance that is unmatched.  Green Smoke™ products have been independently tested for safety.  Green Smoking is your best alternative to tobacco; Smokeless E Cigarettes!

Our electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes) taste and feel just like tobacco cigarettes yet are completely smoke and tar free. They also come in a variety of nicotine levels from 0-16mg. The "smoking" sensation you'll experience is just like that of a real cigarette, but without all the adverse side effects. Green Smoking is a more cost-efficient way to smoke and our e-cigarettes can be enjoyed in most public areas, even where regular cigarettes are prohibited. Try out smokeless e-cigarettes and see why thousands are giving up their traditional cigarettes and going Green.
The GreenSmoke cartridges are the part of your electric cigarette that looks like the filter. They include the solution of nicotine, water, and flavor, and the atomizer (heating element) that turns the solution into the steam (the "greensmoke") that you breathe in.
Each cartridge is comparable to at least 1 pack of tobacco cigarettes. The cost of cartridges is where you really save money. Could you ever imagine you could pay under $2 for a pack of cigarettes?! Now smoking will cost even less! GreenSmoke saves you "green"!
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