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What are the Side Effects of Propylene Glycol?

What are the Known Side Effects of Propylene Glycol?

Some of the side effects experienced by people that use Propylene Glycol are muscle pain, sore throat, and stronger smelling urine. These symptoms can all result from using e-cigs that have Propylene Glycol-based e liquid in their cartridge. Since PG is considered a humectants (it collects moisture), your throat can become dry after use and potentially sore. It can also result in an increase of lactic acid production by your body causing muscle aches that occur more often than normal. In order to counter-act these symptoms, it is recommended that you increase your fluid intake in order to flush the lactic acid from your body more quickly. This will also help with alleviating your sore throat more quickly which normally disappears after a few days. If you find yourself beginning to suffer from bowel movements, a rash, or having night sweats you may be allergic to propylene glycol. If this occurs, you will need to seek out an electronic cigarette solution that is vegetable glycerin (VG) based instead.