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What Is E Liquid Flavoring?

What is E Liquid or E Juice Flavoring?

E liquid is available in wide and ever-expanding range of flavors. Flavorings are desirable because nicotine and the other main ingredients in e liquid, Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG or just 'Glycerine'), possess virtually no taste or smell.
The ever-increasing and inventive list of e liquid flavors include many different types of regular tobacco-style flavorings alongside mint, coffee, vanilla, cola, almond, chocolate, clove and a host of fruity flavors such as strawberry, cherry, banana, peach and more! A question we're often asked is 'which flavor is the best'? There's no easy answer to that because the same e liquid flavors can be interpreted differently by different people. Finding your own favorites usually involves a certain amount of trial and error. For this reason, along with larger bottles of each flavor, many suppliers now offer e liquid sample packs containing a variety of flavors in small quantities.