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Approved Electronic-CigarettesNJOY e-cigarettes are a revolutionary new smoking alternative that looks, feels and tastes like a cigarette or cigar, and gives smokers all the pleasure and satisfaction of traditional smoking without all the health, social and economic problems.

The non-flammable NJOY is driven by modern microelectronic technology, a small rechargeable battery and a unique replaceable cartridge and membrane containing water, propylene glycol, nicotine, and a scent that emulates tobacco and other flavorings.
When using NJOY, the act of inhaling (smoking) produces the tactile and craving satisfactions smokers seek, and triggers a vaporizing process that releases simulated smoke which is actually a vapor mist that evaporates into the air within a few seconds. In summary, NJOY replicates the behavioral and physical pleasures of smoking.

Each NPRO refill cartridge pack includes 10 refills per package and each cartridge is equivalent to approximately 1/2 – 2/3s of a pack of traditional cigarettes. The NPRO refill cartridges are available in a variety of flavors and you can choose between regular, light, ultra-light and nicotine free. Each NCIG refill package includes 5 individual cartridges and each cartridge is equivalent to approximately one and one half packs of traditional cigarettes. The NJOY NCIG refill cartridges are available in a variety of flavors and you can choose between regular, light, ultra-light and nicotine free

  • Each 3.6V Rechargeable Lithium Battery comes in Black, White, and Burgundy 
  • 3.6V Lithium Cigarette-Style Battery Charger
  • Auto/USB charger combo
  • NJOY Atomizer for the NPRO model
  • NJOY Atomizer for the NCIG model

The terms of our money back guarantee are simple, and hopefully encourage you to try our amazing product. You can try NJOY absolutely risk free. Make your purchase and if you're not completely satisfied, simply return the product - even if used - in accordance with the User's Guide and instructions on the Label accompanying the device, within 30 days of your original purchase date for a complete refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling). Go ahead, feel good about NJOY today! 

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Approved Electronic-Cigarettes

I took a deep breath and

I took a deep breath and thought about the potential this little device had to seriously change my life for the better. After 8 years of smoking my lifespan had certainly deteriorated. I placed the pen-like piece into my mouth and sucked until I tasted an alien substance in the back of my throat. I inhaled deeply and exhaled after a second. I smile of nostalgia toward cigarettes became apparent on my face as I realized that I will probably never need another cigarette again. I smoked the bugger for a few minutes and a familiar nicotine sensation rushed to my extremities. It was satisfying and relieving.

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