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Cigana Elite Flavor Cartridges

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Cigana Elite Flavor Cartridges

Each pack contains 4 cartridges. 1 Cigana cartridge lasts an estimated 12 to 15 cigarettes depending on how the user smokes. These cartridges works for the Elite and USB series.

The disposable Cartridge holds the heating element (atomizer). It also contains nicotine in liquid form and flavor essences depending on what the designated flavor of the cartridge is. The material inside the cartridge is atomized into vapor form when connected to the battery and inhaled by the user.

The Cigana Elite Cartridges are unique when compared to our Hybrid Series or other brands of electronic cigarettes. Other brands will have 3 to 4 components creating a risk for an inoperable device and fault issues, such as a clogged air flow or an improper connection. Cigana Elite cartridges have a built in disposable atomizer allowing for a simple 2 component connection. Each time you replace your Cigana cartridge, you will be using a new and clean atomizer. There is no need for maintenance

Available Flavors:

  • almond
  • apple
  • cherry
  • chocolate
  • coffee
  • light tobacco
  • menthol
  • tobacco
  • vanilla