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Cigarti Electronic Cigarette Set

Electronic Cigarette
Cigarti Electronic Cigarette Set

The Cigarti Starter Kit conveniently contains everything needed to smoke the Cigarti way.

Included in the kit are:


  • 2 Lithium ion rechargeable Cigarti batteries
  • 1 USB charger kit that includes USB adapter and wall adapter (100-240VAC)
  • 6 Cigarti Nicotine Cartridges
  • 1 Cigarti User Manual
  • 1 Cigarti Membership Card

Why chose Cigarti electronic cigarettes over other brands?

The answer is in the kit. Elegantly simple in form and function, Cigarti’s two component e-cigarette, consisting of the cartridge and battery, twist together effortlessly to form the unit. The cartridge, with its built-in atomizer, is disposable and never needs to be cleaned. Each cartridge lasts on average of 330 puffs (the equivalent of 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes). The batteries (you get two in the kit) closely resemble a traditional cigarette in weight and appearance and are easily rechargeable, each taking an hour or less to be fully charged. The larger battery (Weight: 10 g. Length: 83 mm) lasts up to a whole day of use whereas the smaller battery (Weight: 8 g. Length 70 mm) is perfect for an evening out. Cigarti’s USB charger kit, also included, offers ease of use at home or in the office (chargeable on any computer USB port). Charge one while using the other so you will never be without Cigarti! Sure beats running to the convenience store at 2:00 a.m...

In addition, you will receive a Cigarti membership card complete with your own membership I.D. which gives you priority status online and at our retail outlets. Moreover, it describes in detail to anyone unsure of what the Cigarti e-cigarette is, that it is not a tobacco cigarette and is safe for use where tobacco cigarettes have been banned. Attractively designed, this card looks exactly like a credit card and is made to be carried in your wallet or purse in the event that you need to inform anyone from a restaurant manager to airport personnel that Cigarti is safe to smoke in their establishment.